Esheye Telari is the title given to Rachel at the beginning of time, and both have a few meanings.


  • First Soul: Rachel's Soul (Circle Soul Symbol), is the first Soul to exist when the world began, illustrated on Earth by the Big Bang. While the history of the Big Bang is different, it's source is the same. TBC
  • Ultimate (Soul): With all the power in existence stored within Rachel's Soul Symbol, she is the ultimate being. The only entity more powerful is Fate.
  • The Judge: Like Sans, Rachel is a Judge. See Telari for more info.


  • Of All: Everywhere, everything, etc.
  • The World: Whether it's one world or the universe itself.
RT Soul Symbol and Explanation

This is Rachel's Soul Symbol. An inaccurate but simple representation of other Soul Symbols making up Rachel's Circle.

Soul Symbol

Rachel's Soul Symbol is a circle that is made up of every other Soul Symbol in existence (except one, N/A for reasons). And because her Soul Symbol is a Circle, she cannot be taken over. Given that almost all other Souls are a unique design, they are easier to use against the individual they belong to. Rachel can morph her Circle to match another person and control them using it. Other people can do the same, but using Will Power, Rachel can overcome their control and save the person.

More Soul Symbols can be added to fill the Circle's empty middle area by purifying the black matter that acts as a Fake Spirit in place of the Soul for evil creatures into real Souls with White Spirits. In addition, Rachel's job is to find and purify the individuals with Red and Black Spirits.

When the entire circle is filled in and purified, Rachel's job as Esheye Telari will be complete and she will no longer be needed. This will take an enormous amount of time to complete.