Natura is the 'Earth' of the CounterTale monsters and humans. All the names of places are in Latin, including the planets. This changes only with the Royal Capital, which changes to The Capital (renamed/thought up by Rachel) instead of Royal Center, for the sake of simplicity.

All the locations have nobles overseeing them.


The Capital (United States of America) This is where the King of Monsters resides. While a lot more than just the King live here and lot more goes on than just royal matters, this is the most noteworthy.

Orientus (Asia) As the place where Asian culture is (though they will call it something different), kimonos and other oriental products and cultural content live here. The nobles are the Tancho family.

Futurae (Atlantis)

Avium (Desert/Middle East)

Frigus (Alaska)

Anglicus (Britain)

Insula (Hawaii)

Gelus (Antarctica)

Silvestris (Australia)

Boreus (Canada)

Austelus (South America)

Vetus (Uninhabited, holds world’s history [Ancient Works])